The youthrive Program

A transformative initiative by Access Bank designed to empower, uplift, and accelerate the next generation of MSMEs. The program is set to impact over 4 million individuals by enhancing capacity, providing financial empowerment, and fostering invaluable business exchange programs.
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Entrepreneurs often encounter hurdles in navigating business operations and regulatory processes. At Access Bank, we equip individuals/MSMEs with a suite of products and services tailored to address these challenges.

Expert Guidance and Business Support

The youthrive program goes beyond these 4 pillars by offering invaluable support from industry experts, and enriching participants.

  • Access to experts providing hands-on support on key business topics.
  • Cost effective business account including DBA Lite.

  • CAC Business registration.
  • W Community membership for eligible partcipants.
  • Legal and regulatory advisory services by legal experts.
  • Product registration and certification with NAFDAC, SON etc.
  • Business Export support by export-trade professionals.

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